Daily Schedule
COMING SOON! One Movie Punch will be launching a sponsorship system. Each week, I'll pick a sponsor to select a currently playing or streaming film for an honest review. Like a private movie review service.
Featuring recently released films in theatres now, focusing on critically acclaimed or highly anticipated releases. I'll try to avoid the stinkers and actively seek out entertaining films worth spending your hard earned money. And sometimes, I'll poll you on Twitter to help me out!
Ever wanted to try your hand at a short movie review? One Movie Punch is actively seeking movie fans who want to provide their own short reviews reviews. More details can be found ​ here ..
Newly released and critically acclaimed international films, especially those films made available on streaming services. Expect subtitles, a diversity of cultures, and different kinds of stories.  
A new documentary every week, focused on recently released films on streaming services. Topics include anything and everything, along with some commentary from your host.
Film Buff
Featuring films from thirty or more years ago, normally available on major streaming services or freely available on video sharing sites due to Public Domain. Specializes in silent, classic, and cult fims.​​
Newly streaming films, usually released the day before, from major streaming providers, viewed on release day and posted for your weekend consideration. I watch them so you don't have to... unless you want to!
Weekly Digest
Streaming Weekly
You can also catch One Movie Punch as an edited weekly digest, streamlined for a half-hour time slot on  Society Bytes Radio . The digest streams on Mondays at 4:30pm EST. Check it out by following the link.